Liberty Land

Liberty Land is back online!

28.3% estonian, 26.2% german, 25.6% english

Liberty Land

Liberty Land is down for maintenance

30.9% english, 27.6% german, 26.3% french

Liberty Land

Liberty Land is back Up and running

@Minetest @libertyland
24.6% english, 24% german, 19.8% indonesian

Liberty Land Down

Liberty Land is down because of some emergency at host provider.
max around 10 hours

@Minetest @libertyland
29.5% english, 24.5% dutch, 21.1% german

Liberty Land

Updated Liberty Land server to 0.4.14-dev

@Minetest @libertyland
35.5% english, 27% german, 23.6% danish

Glenn hubzilla
A new version of the open source Minecrafty game was recently released - Minetest 4.14, and it's surprisingly mature.

It's designed around plugins/mods and subgames, and it doesn't have a height limit like Minecraft, or a depth limit, but if you delve too greadily and too deep, instead of a balrog you may find a Nyan Cat.

(Actually the monsters get pretty nasty the deeper you go)

I've set up my own server at if anyone is curious, though there are plenty of other servers (@Minetest ), and mine might be limited by the Australian Copper Network (I can't tell — my client has a LAN connection to the server).

The client can be downloaded from, and the wiki is at

There's no authoritative game: the landscape, the recipes, the mobs, the blocks, the items, the game mechanics etc are all determined by which plugins you throw at the server. I've tried to set mine up like Minecraft SMP but without the plugins that are trying to clone Minecraft - not being exactly the same makes it more interesting. Though I did add a Nether plugin, because I wanted to see what their take on the Nether would look like.

PS: If you run the game client without connecting to a server or configuring your own, it won't have mobs - the default plugin list is quite minimal. I think mine actually has too many mobs, and Minetest mobs look like they are just proof of concept at the moment, which might be why it doesn't include them by default - mobs is an area where Minecraft shines.

PPS: The engine may be mature, but there isn't a mature SMP subgame, I've just slapped the components of one together, it's not planned coherantly or balanced or anything.
38.2% english, 25.4% pidgin, 18.2% danish

2d map

There is 2d map of whole map at

33.9% english, 24.2% pidgin, 23.1% danish
18.7% english, 14.2% pidgin, 10.9% danish

14.7% english, 11.5% spanish, 11% pidgin
13% pidgin, 12.9% portuguese, 12.3% english

Minetest Friendica

Liberty Land

Update server to 0.4.13-dev
Update many mods.
Mobs are enabled,
Disabled PVP
31.6% english, 26% pidgin, 24.3% danish

18.8% english, 14.3% spanish, 14.2% tagalog

Minetest Friendica

Liberty Land

Liberty Land is back with some minor changes
29.6% english, 25.3% german, 20.6% norwegian
DNS Friendica
What kind of changes?
38.3% english, 22.8% pidgin, 21.8% danish
Evil Friendica
cleanup user database
19.1% cebuano, 16.9% danish, 16.5% portuguese