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German book: GEMA-freie Musik – Creative Commons in der Jugendmedienarbeit

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GEMA-freie Musik - Creative Commons in der Jugendmedienarbeit

Die Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft lokale Medienarbeit NRW hat die 15-seitige Broschüre "GEMA-freie Musik - Creative Commons in der Jugendmedienarbeit" herausgegeben. Die Broschüre gibts als PDF zum kostenfreien Download oder für 2,50 Euro auch ausgedruckt zu bestellen. Das Medium Musik eröffnet vielfältige Möglichkeiten für die Jugendmedienarbeit...
23.9% german, 17.2% dutch, 15% french

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PLOS ONE continues to dominate the world of open access dinosaur species

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Recap of the most accessible dinosaurs |

Thirty-eight new genera or species of dinosaur were announced in 2014, spanning everything from sauropods to tyrannosaurs to horned dinosaurs. Seventeen of these, or about 45%, were published in open access or free-to-read journals.
23.1% english, 18% pidgin, 16.3% german

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Boing Boing: A Shareable Future: Creative Commons at 12 years (Ryan Merkley)

Twelve years ago, Creative Commons made a big bet. We saw that the internet had transformed the ways in which people create, distribute, and consume content. And we believed that what it meant to be a creator was going to shift in a big way.
32.8% english, 22.9% pidgin, 18.2% french
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Hyperallergic: With Nearly 1 Billion Licensed Works, Creative Commons Takes Stock (Benjamin Sutton)

In its first-ever "State of the Commons" report, Creative Commons - the nonprofit that aims to facilitate the free sharing and licensing of creative work - revealed that there are at least 882 million Creative Commons-licensed works currently available online, and that sometime next year that figure is expected to pass one billion.
34.2% english, 23% pidgin, 19.1% french

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Yahoo is selling Creative Commons Flickr images but isn't sharing profits with owners

Changes have been made over on Flickr some users aren't too happy about. Yahoo has decided that it can sell canvas prints of creative commons images belonging to users without sharing any of the revenue. Flickr was already selling non-commercial use images, but was splitting revenue with the owners at a rate of 51%.
33.8% english, 17.5% pidgin, 16.4% danish

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Creative Commons and Aaronsw's sweet hack
All over the world today, people are having hackathons in memory of Aaron Swartz, and Creative Commons co-founder Lisa Rein talks about Aaron's role in hacking the law with the Creative Commons licenses.
30% english, 23.3% pidgin, 16.5% danish

Infojustice: Creative Commons U.S.A. applauds the introduction of the Affordable College Textbook Act » infojustice (REPOST)

[Reposted from CC-USA, Link (CC-BY)] Senators Dick Durbin and Al Franken today introduced the Affordable College Textbook Act, which directs the Secretary of Education to fund the creation of college textbooks and materials to be made available under open licenses.  The licenses will allow students and educators to “access, reproduce, publicly perform, publicly display, adapt, distribute, and otherwise use the work and adaptations of the work for any purpose, conditioned only on the requirement that attribution be given to authors as designated.
29.1% english, 21.4% pidgin, 17.2% french

Creative Commons Relaunched In India; Key Highlights

Creative Commons (CC), a nonprofit organisation that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools, has relaunched its India chapter. The license provides a simple, standardised way to give the public, permission to share and use your creative work — on conditions you set and was originally launched here in 2007
25.7% english, 18.8% pidgin, 17.4% italian

Telecompaper: French culture sites to work with Creative Commons - Telecompaper

French culture minister Aurelie Filippetti has announced a series of measures to boost culture through digital technology at the conclusion of the first annual “Automne Numerique” conference. “Digital has been seen as a threat for too long. It is time to see it as a chance for culture, and not only for its transmission but for its creation”, she declared.
29.8% english, 18.9% pidgin, 18.9% french

Creativecommons: Change Will Come, and ManyLabs Will Play An Important Part - Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators. I met Peter Sand a few months ago at a #Sensored meetup in SoMa. The setting was exactly like the hardware labs from my undergraduate engineering days, and Peter was there exactly like one of my buddies showing kits and circuits cobbled together to do science (except, Peter is quieter and more polite than most...
28.9% english, 20.7% pidgin, 18.3% french

Creative Commons Global Summit 2013

Starts: Wednesday August 21, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Finishes: Saturday August 24, 2013 @ 4:00 PM

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

22% english, 19.4% french, 17.2% latin