DNS via RBOSE Friendica

The RBOSE etherpad lite is updated with some plugins

New plugins/features are the following:

· Justify text (align left/right, center)
· Author hover (hover over text and see the author)
· Embed media (youtube, vimeo etc)
· Metrics (displays metric on /metrics)
· Spell check (with a toggle on/off option in Settings)
· Syntax highlighting (more languages need to be added tho)
· Time Slider Diff (See a diff between revisions)

And now empty pads (pads with no revisions) will be deleted automatically.

Enjoy it! :-) @RBOSE
25.5% english, 18.8% pidgin, 16.6% danish
DNS Friendica
Missed to provide a link to the pad:
30.7% english, 24.5% slovak, 23.5% czech